Why Computers Mimic Spirituality?

Our thoughts are so important to us on a daily basis. Especially as we have on average about 70,000 of them in any  24 hour period.
What we think about most of the time is exactly what manifests in to our reality.
When we change our thoughts we will indeed change the world we live in, and will also have a knock on effect to the people we interact with.

If you want confirmation of this then I will give you an example…
Why is it that a vicious person lives in a vicious world and a happy person lives in a happy world?
It’s the same world so why is it different?
It isn’t!

We are all connected spiritually whether we like to admit this or not. All of our interactions and thoughts both about our selves and others are carving a path for us to tread upon as we constantly move on into the future.

If we think certain thoughts that carve a path for us then its inevitable that others that also think like us will end up on the very same paths as we tread. That’s why like attracts like, birds of a feather and all that.

So the world is not at all different but what is different is the way we perceive it in our daily lives, how we think about ourselves and others.
It’s our attitude, values and beliefs (V.B.) in total that work as our very own operating platform. (Like Windows XP or Windows 7)

This is where I can explain about how I see computers as having a spiritual side to them. The essence of a computer is based on a human mind, computers will never be as clever, but they do operate in many similar ways.
We start off in life gathering info and storing it all up, then using it daily in our lives.
Our values, beliefs and attitude become our operating platform like the Windows platforms I spoke about above.

So just as computers can hold what ever information or software we load into them, (like the human mind) its important to make sure that we are all in tune with what’s in there, how it works and how it can empower us or drive us crazy with frustration.

If we constantly use our computers in a non productive or negative way then we will miss out on the very essence of what they are there for, which is to help us and make our lives easier.

If your computer is driving you mad and you hate using it then you are clearly not giving something the attention that it deserves.

So spiritually, if our lives become a mess or we are going through some hard time then it’s so easy to become less logical or less calculated. In the same token a computer will never run correctly without the constant up dates and maintenance required almost weekly.

Before computers we were just individuals who interacted only when we were in the presence of others now we have become cyber people and virtual people and its this very reason why I feel that computers have a spiritual connection with us. If a thought comes in to our minds and we choose to put these thoughts into an e-mail and send it into cyberspace, then in my opinion it’s the same as praying your thoughts into the same cyberspace.

The only difference is you know where your e-mail is going!

They are part of our daily lives that interact bringing people together which is the very definition of what spirituality is all about.

Spirituality brings people together and religion separates us into groups. allow me now to finish off my comparisons here.

I started out on Windows 95 as a platform, it was ok and I learnt many things, but as time went on I needed to upgrade and move on. I could not operate many modern day programs or use software  to its full potential in these days if I had stayed with the 95 software program.
If I had of tried to do so my life would have been slowed down, and it would be like wading through mud.

If we do not upgrade our values beliefs and attitudes constantly we will also be restricted in living our lives to the full.
Surely we want to at least have the choice to sprint rather than trudge along.

A good coach will be able to find out what is serving you best in the areas of values, beliefs (V.B.) and attitude.
Once established you and your coach will be able to weed out the ones that are not serving you and replace them with alternatives.
This is what I was referring to in the computer scenario as upgrading your platforms.

That’s why I prefer to tell people I am a “Human Technician” rather than a “Life Coach”
I say to people I can tweet you, fix you, and more importantly help you to discover the greater platforms that are already within you.
I, or your coach will just help you to discover them; when coaching I, or a coach does  rely on you wanting to become stronger, willing and having the desire to succeed.

The good news is I as a human technician can also help them to regenerate the passion and drive needed, but the individual (you) have  to give permission to yourself to do so.
It’s as easy as that yet hard for many to accept this simple concept.

Partly because we all like to think we can sort ALL our own problems out, well we can if all the rest of the hardware, drives, conflicts, ram, memory, etc is all as it should be. This can only work providing we don’t have any viruses lurking around in the back ground like… (negative thoughts usually)

Life is not that complicated as others would like you to believe, we are all basically the same with all the same functions, needs and desires.
We need energy, the right software, a sound platform to operate from, maintenance, and most of all good values and beliefs, ones that will empower us and move us forward, THATS IT!
Yes we are much like computers after all computers were invented to mimic us not the other way around.
What do you do if you can’t fix a problem with your PC? Maybe call a technician?
I rest my case! If you are suffering in some area that you are not comfortable with, then call in the experts to help you.
So once again this is why we all live in the same world but some see it as beautiful and others view it as hostile.
Your eyes are the windows to your soul; allow the soul to see and your eyes will see angels not demons.

Feel free to look at my web site athttps://www.bjacoaching.co.uk/products.html   look through the link and, Enjoy!

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About bjacoaching

Hi, my name is Brian, I am a Life Coach / Personal Coach but I am also a very straight forward talking person that shares more in common with you than you will initially believe. Why and how can I say this? Because we are all basically the very same. We are all in search of the best life possible and we all need the very same basics such as happiness, love, health, and enough money to get bye with. When any of these things I mention above are scarce or in short supply then it will affect us in a dramatic way. So not only as a Coach but as an individual with foresight I will on occasions display a different take on things based upon reality as we see it and more importantly how we can choose to perceive it. As an individual I think out side the box and would encourage you to do the same as and when it might be necessary. The very fact that you are here means that you were meant to arrive here at precisely this moment in time as I believe in synchronicity and I do not believe in coincidences only things that actually “co-in side” which in mathematical terms means to fit together perfectly. But if you have already been here before then I must be doing something right. I am a very down to earth person that has learnt many many things from hardships and also from joy in my life as I am sure you have too. Get involved with me and I shall show you many things that will at very least get you to question or challenge many things that until now you either took for granted or never even thought possible. Whether you are religious or not does matter because for me it’s not important as long as you are happy with your own values and beliefs then that’s all that matters. If however you are not sure about your happiness or any other issues in your life then just keep an open mind and see how things can change. I am inviting you to go on a journey and for such a journey you will need some basic tools. A compass, a map and some survival essentials. These items are metaphoric of course, and represent the following: Your compass has to be your intuition and self belief, your map will be your actual goal or desire and you must understand where you are at this particular point in your life right now, other wise how will you know which direction to follow if you do not even have a starting point on your “life map” your survival essentials are going to be tools you require to help you survive and prosper through your journey, and these will be “coaching tools” that I can supply when required. I suppose it’s all going to be a matter of how much you desire your needs How important is it for you to get to where it is you wanted to go in your life? What will happen to you if you do not get what it is you are after? Can you truly allow your life to slip by with out reaching your target? All I know is that many people give up on there life’s desires and dreams just because they have tried a few times and then decided that its either too much like hard work and chosen to believe it just not going to happen.....WRONG! The truth is yes they have tried but they have not had the right guidance, tools or coaching to help them…that’s it! That’s the only reason! If you try to get there alone it will be a long and troubled journey. But if you have some one that’s been there before then they can give a wealth of information that will fast track you there before you loose interest or the will to achieve. A coach will make you accountable and support you every time you feel yourself going off track. My blog will be a free helpful tool that at very least will give you a few different ideas about many different things….So Enjoy! http://www.bjacoaching.co.uk/3.html
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