Understanding Bereavement Through Spirituality! ……. Part 2 Of 5


Hello again readers, in this issue we are going to look at ANGER!

We will look at it in a few dimensions, analyse it and see how thought spirituality we can alter its affect upon us and many others that are connected to us directly or indirectly.

Either way you must understand that although we may feel that our anger belongs to us, that its ours to display or show at any time we so wish is a very negative and unfulfilling point of view to have. As e move on you will start to see and connect with what I am now sharing with you.

Firstly please understand that there are only two real emotions in this world we live in. These are love and hate or another word for hate is fear.

Fear based emotions are about love that’s gone in the wrong direction.

When we get divorced its because we believe we will be better off with out our partners. We are actually agreeing to run away from our problems with each other.

Not much thought is actually given to WHY the problems occurred in the first place.

Love and hate/fear are truly the opposite ends of the scale, direct opposites to the extent that they are merely mirrors of the same things but each one has actually gone in the opposite direction and gone so far that it becomes the w3eakest part of its own aspect. Push it that little bit further and there is a fine line between it actually returning to its true self. Yes it then becomes full circle. Now that that has been explained we can move on to understanding our own anger. When we become afraid of some thing, some one or some situation then we are programmed to either fight or you flight. Run away or lash out. When we run away the anger will build. When we fight anger produces adrenalin in our bodies so that this drug can help minimise any physical pain and whilst we are in such a flow most if not all physical pain is not felt.

But once the anger and adrenalin has ceased we are left with the after math and that is always painful. Not to mention the mental strain and hurt that will also be felt.

So far OI have only mentioned our own pain but what about the other people that are on the other end of it? How are they going to be affected. This is the bigger picture.

Getting angry is only a warning device that must be adhered to instantly. When we feel this anger think of it as an emergency button that needs to be activated.

What I mean by this is you need to have a plan of action as to what happens when your emergency button is pressed. I would like to suggest to you this:

The feeling of anger is a human trait and has many human consequences.

What I would like you to try is to use some Spiritual traits such as switching into love and compassion. if this sounds crazy to you at the moment then ok I can accept that so allow me to explain it in this way.

Some one really makes you angry, you react with anger they feel it, it makes them more angry, you feel this also and now your even more angry, where will it end?

So lets do the same scenario but this time you are going to be spiritual about it from your side and this is how it would pan out this time.


Some one really makes you angry, realise this so you press your emergency button that’s with-in you, it makes you react like a spiritual being which means there is no anger. Instead of anger you now know that this anger is the other persons, its not yours, it can not enter into you because you will not allow this, its there’s not yours and why would you want to claim it? It’s a bad energy that will make you ill and sick so by understanding it in this way you will not play this game of automatic acceptance. Because you are calm and collective you only want to help this other, so you offer understanding and compassion. This will act as a vaccine firstly to yourself and then to them. They can not fight against something that offers no resistance. They can not fight shadows, or love.

There anger will start to dissipate into thin air depending on the level of intensity.

Obviously if there is a mega amount of anger from them then you will have to match it with more of the same from your spiritual side. Never the less it will work like a miracle because anger needs fuel and hat fuel is always resistance. Love and compassion are like extinguishers to the heat and fire of anger itself.


I know all this may sound uncomfortable to you and you may have your doubts so all I can say is try it, give it a chance and I am sure you will be so surprised and glad that you did.


I hope this will help you in your divorce, during or after, most of our dramas in life can be eradicated once we look at things as spirit does, its so easy yet so hard, again like most things in life.

This is part 2 of 5 to come in  “Understanding Bereavement Through Spirituality!

Part 3 Of 5 will be about facing Blame, I look forward to seeing you here again soon.

All my love……………Brian.

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About bjacoaching

Hi, my name is Brian, I am a Life Coach / Personal Coach but I am also a very straight forward talking person that shares more in common with you than you will initially believe. Why and how can I say this? Because we are all basically the very same. We are all in search of the best life possible and we all need the very same basics such as happiness, love, health, and enough money to get bye with. When any of these things I mention above are scarce or in short supply then it will affect us in a dramatic way. So not only as a Coach but as an individual with foresight I will on occasions display a different take on things based upon reality as we see it and more importantly how we can choose to perceive it. As an individual I think out side the box and would encourage you to do the same as and when it might be necessary. The very fact that you are here means that you were meant to arrive here at precisely this moment in time as I believe in synchronicity and I do not believe in coincidences only things that actually “co-in side” which in mathematical terms means to fit together perfectly. But if you have already been here before then I must be doing something right. I am a very down to earth person that has learnt many many things from hardships and also from joy in my life as I am sure you have too. Get involved with me and I shall show you many things that will at very least get you to question or challenge many things that until now you either took for granted or never even thought possible. Whether you are religious or not does matter because for me it’s not important as long as you are happy with your own values and beliefs then that’s all that matters. If however you are not sure about your happiness or any other issues in your life then just keep an open mind and see how things can change. I am inviting you to go on a journey and for such a journey you will need some basic tools. A compass, a map and some survival essentials. These items are metaphoric of course, and represent the following: Your compass has to be your intuition and self belief, your map will be your actual goal or desire and you must understand where you are at this particular point in your life right now, other wise how will you know which direction to follow if you do not even have a starting point on your “life map” your survival essentials are going to be tools you require to help you survive and prosper through your journey, and these will be “coaching tools” that I can supply when required. I suppose it’s all going to be a matter of how much you desire your needs How important is it for you to get to where it is you wanted to go in your life? What will happen to you if you do not get what it is you are after? Can you truly allow your life to slip by with out reaching your target? All I know is that many people give up on there life’s desires and dreams just because they have tried a few times and then decided that its either too much like hard work and chosen to believe it just not going to happen.....WRONG! The truth is yes they have tried but they have not had the right guidance, tools or coaching to help them…that’s it! That’s the only reason! If you try to get there alone it will be a long and troubled journey. But if you have some one that’s been there before then they can give a wealth of information that will fast track you there before you loose interest or the will to achieve. A coach will make you accountable and support you every time you feel yourself going off track. My blog will be a free helpful tool that at very least will give you a few different ideas about many different things….So Enjoy! http://www.bjacoaching.co.uk/3.html
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