Invisable Prisons!

Invisible Prisons

I love this concept of a way that’s very easy to see why we all from time to time feel trapped.Prisons are places that we conjure up with ease; we form pictures and ideas of discomfort, lack of freedom, doors being constantly shut behind us, doors that are locked and keep us from going where we want and when.It’s a pretty scary place for even the most hardened minded people, it’s just that some can hide it better than others, some can brave it better and some can just survive it better than others.

Well as you are reading this I know you can relate to all I say here because we have all been there either in a physical sense or in our minds and thoughts. You have only got to read a book or watch a film to get into the part to imagine what it must be like. Ok so you’re following my drift here but why did I name this post as “invisible prisons”…?

Well it’s because so many people are in what I call invisible prisons or invisible prison bars. I am referring to things in life that keep us from being who we are, or keep us locked into relationships that we know are doomed, stop us from moving on, or simply keep us from being who we truly are. You see they are mainly values and beliefs that no longer serve us. Life has a way of silently turning us into creatures of habit that get stuck in a comfort zone that then becomes a place of acceptance. Well it’s this “acceptance” that needs to be broken; it’s this acceptance that forms the “invisible Prison bars” I speak of. So the first thing to do is to recognise that you are not 100% happy in your life.

Then you need to track down each and every aspect in your life that is forming or representing one of these “invisible prison bars” Once you know what they are you can then address how you intend to get rid of them. What I can tell you is you will need to address each and every one individually, and then dispose of it fairly quickly before others form. It’s not easy but it’s also not that difficult all you need is the right tools and the right person to guide you through it. So there you have it, Invisible prisons that keep you locked in can be just as powerful as the physical ones….Its worth thinking about isn’t it?

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