What is it? What does it mean? Well it’s a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress.A friend will show his or her true colours in times of adversity.But we as individuals will also show what we are made of to our selves; in fact it’s what life is all about in one form or another.Why else do you think we are here? If you think that life is all about having a lovely time every day, wanting for nothing and never having any problems in your life then I am sorry to break the news to you but it’s not. If you want a trouble-free life without any problems what so ever then do the following:

Stay single, don’t have any sort of relationship, don’t have a family, don’t have any friends, don’t work for a living, don’t try to own anything like a car, house or an apartment etc. just get through each day living off the land, accept all charity, and just take what you can from every one without giving any thing back.

If you can do all of the above then you will not have any of our day-to-day struggles that life gives to us.But be warned you will also be bored out of your mind, you will never grow in maturity or spiritually and you will be missing out on some of life’s greatest lessons and most of all you will be the loneliest person in the world. You will never learn about love, friendship, integrity, trust, recognition, wisdom, passion, foundation, creativity, co-operation, expression, freedom, and joy to name but a few.

These words above are some key issues that all of our misfortunes actually help us to experience. With out experiencing up you will never know what is down, you need to know what is right to understand left, hot/cold, good/bad,  love/hate, etc. So it’s the experience of life in all its extremes that enable us to make the choices that we make. When we need to learn lessons in our lives the universe just seems to provide the right things at the right time by means of diversity, but we as humans think and believe we are having some bad luck or a bad time and start to feel down. But what if we look at this from a spiritual point of view. What if I was to tell you that we are not humans that occasionally have spiritual experiences, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience?

What if the spiritual side of us is craving for diversity so it can experience the feelings and emotions of such things? Because if this is the case then maybe this goes some way to explain why many of us do go through such hardships in our lives. It’s because we all need to integrate, mix and become involved either emotionally or physically in many of the world’s events and happenings. It’s not possible to be separate from things and events that happen, even if they are on the other side of the world. News is given to us an hourly rate whether we want it or not. We react to it mentally physically, emotionally and some times express it verbally. It’s all there for a reason and that reason is as I have already said to help us grow.

So the next time you are experiencing diversity just try to find the hidden gift inside of it, try to react upon it as a rich lesson of growth and understanding. Nothing truly happens as just one of those things, it’s not just bad luck, it’s not because you are not worthy of anything it’s purely life unfolding and showing you an experience that for some reason you need to go through. My advice is to take it on the chin, look at it constructively, change what you can about it, and if you can’t change the event then change your point of view about it. One day all your bad experiences of life will serve you in a rewarding way that only the future can hold and show you as and when its time. As always these are my own values and beliefs that I share with you. I hope they can help you in your times of trouble and stress, God Bless.

Copyright 2005 All rights reserved.

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