Hello to all my followers, Today is all about asking for help! There is never any shame in asking for help.

When we ask for help it’s our intellectual side that’s kicking in and saying “I want to succeed at the task in hand and I want to be stronger” When we are stronger we are in a better position to help others. So that’s the key be as strong as you can be for as long as you can be, then when you require help just ask. If your first request is not successful for what ever reason ask some one else until you get the right help that’s right for you! Below is an explanation as to where I am coming from on the subject of Bullying but always remember there is always help available you just have to make the enquiries to start the ball rolling.

My name is Brian Allen.I am a qualified Professional Life / Personal / Coach; I trained with the largest and the best coaching company in Europe, who also have a large presence internationally.Feel free to check out my diploma which I passed with distinction! I have had a hard life, not as hard as some but probably harder than most, of which I am actually proud of now and would not change any thing.I don’t have a problem with this, but I just felt that you need to know where I am coming from before you read on.

Bullies need to be addressed and it’s a hard nut to crack, but maybe the approach is all wrong sometimes. I do not want to come into this by saying that I have all the answers or that my way would be the best, I must make this clear to you all now. But I do have a Plan; it’s a mixture of psychology, self experience, empathy, grit and caring aptitude to combat this problem from all angles and is best described as a holistic approach to an age-old problem that’s out of control in our society.

You see I have been bullied my self from many areas not just in life at school, but from the school of life.I have not only come through it but am now stronger than ever before, so much that I am now not afraid of very much at all. Even the things that I am afraid of now, I am not afraid to face them and that’s the key.I have more love towards other people’s situations than ever before hence me choosing to become a life coach 6 years ago.

This is how I want to make my living and I could choose any area to do this, but every time I hear the word bullies it turns my stomach and I want to do some thing positive in this area of my career.What am I hoping for? I am hoping that some one out there reading this will be able to resonate with this blog, not only for my coaching skills, but for the passion I will bring. I can use my coaching abilities together with my own life experiences to not only help the bullies, but the victims and of course all the people and families associated with both bullies and victim.

If you would like to visit my web site then please do at www.bjacoaching.co.uk on my site I have many products that you can download immediately if you think they might help at http://www.bjacoaching.co.uk/3.html   if you are a parent or school teacher that is involved in such issues then maybe I can help you to help them.You will never know if you dont try.

I can deal with it directly or indirectly it’s up to you.Have a read then drop me a line at  info@bjacoaching.co.uk Use bullies as your subject line to help me fast track your enquiries.

Together we can make a difference, but alone we are just good people with good intentions, and as good as this is, it’s not enough to make lasting changes.

Copyright 2005 bjacoaching.co.uk. All rights reserved.

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