Todays Silver Linnings…

Today’s Silver linings is about me waking up in a state of confusion.

What I mean is I wake up every morning and some times I feel good and sometimes I feel bad but whether I feel good or bad, whats is the reason for this? Yes there can be many but deep down it’s probably because of uncertainty or confusion about the day ahead. What will it hold and how will I cope, not just with my own emotions and problems but all those I have to interact with. Lets face it if we work for a boss then the very fact that they could be in a bad mood will most certainly impact upon our day. So we must prepare ourselves for the unexpected and the expected.

Every morning we all have an automatic routine after the alarm goes off, which could be to jump out of bed, brush your teeth, have a shower, shave, dress and spray to smell nice but how often do we actually prepare our minds for the day ahead?

What I mean is all the above are details of hygiene so that when we come into contact with others we feel confident that we look and smell ok.

But what thought is put into preparing our own minds, and how we are able to interact with people that we need to mingle with?

If we are not prepared mentally, spiritually or feeling good and happy with-in ourselves then like it or not others will pick up on it and you will contaminate them with the negatives that’s being projected from you, like it or not that’s what happens.

Some bad or moody Bosses are good at not preparing mainly because they know they are in control and that you have to answer to them so why should they prepare anything about them selves?

You will know these bad boss types because they are in a habit of definitely not caring about their energy being projected because if it makes others feel bad then so what? You will be able to spot these bosses very easily because they will be the type of person that cares little about smiling, will be in a bad or solemn mood most of the time, show anger easily and only want to laugh and smile when it suits them. Probably expecting you to join in there and then at their command.

So what should we do about this?

I think a very easy and quick way to resolve ourselves would be to lay in bed for an extra 2 minutes every morning and prepare your thoughts as follows;

Be grateful that you woke up, think of all the things that are truly important to you like family and loved ones, be grateful that you can get up out of bed alone with out aid and that you have your health. These few things will take about 20 seconds to think about so use the other 100 seconds as you choose but remember to be truly thankful that you even have a life and use all moments in your day when  possible to have good thoughts about as much as you can. What you think about most of the time is what you will bring into your life so the more positive you are the happier your future will become. Remember that the opposite is also true, the more bad thoughts that you have the more doom and gloom will appear also. With regard to negative people and bad bosses, just plan your way out of any bad situation in the knowing that as long as you are thinking of an escape plan it will arrive when the time is ready but you must train yourself to be constantly thinking about escaping for it to happen sooner rather than later.

Make today the first day that you change your thoughts and change your life accordingly.

31/02/2011 These pages are aimed at finding something positive out of some thing that we think is negative, or some thing we would have preferred not to experience. So what happened today? I heard about a friend of a friend being bullied at the work place and in most established work places there are procedures that can be followed up and then acted upon. But when there is not such a procedure what do you do? The first thing is to seek help and support from your loved ones and people close to you, this way they will have an understanding of why you may not be your usual self. This is paramount and will help in the short and long-term. Next contact the citizens Advice and seek their advice, they will be able to provide you with other resources etc. Keep a detailed log of all conflict and bullying together with dates, times, and verbal comments made to you and anything else you feel is relevant. This will help you and your case when and if it comes to a legal tribunal. As soon as you feel bullied you should write a note to your boss explaining your feelings and give reasons why you are feeling bullied. Give examples in a written and dated format showing what was said, or done or witnessed by some one, and then ask for it to stop immediately. If you have done all this and it still persists then you should then contact your Employment of Commerce and lodge a complaint. You may then have a case for what is known as “Constructive Dismissal” in which case you can leave your employment and take them to a tribunal, which is similar to an unfair dismissal case. So I heard some bad news and turned it into a resource for others, meant as a guide and also giving hope to many others out there that are either being bullied or in a similar position at work….

27/03/2011 Ok so today is the first day og our great British  Summer,we lost an hour but did we? I think we all lose more than an hour each and every day when we forget what is important. It’s a matter of priorities and also a point of veiw.We never lose these hours,well not realy.We can always choose to go to bed earlier,or get up an hour earlier.Its quite a good idea to evaluate what we do with our time when we are awake, so you see time and clocks are merely excuses for doing or not doing.I know myself that when something is important it gets done even if there is not enough time….why is this? I think its due to the label we issue to tasks in our minds.Important..not so and unimportant. Is your life important? Are you taking the right decisions? are you taking the right actions to improve your present position? Because if you don’t then no body else will, it’s up to you to do it yourself and have the wisdom to know when you need help to do it.

20/03/2011 Well after waking up which is always a good sign that I am still alive..LOL drew my curtains to see it was a nice sunny day, pity I have to physically face the day alone but it’s never lonely when you have things to achieve, jobs to do and people to help.We dont have to look very far to see who needs help and its a matter of choice whether to do some thing portative or not, could just be a conversation a text or maybe just some kind thoughts about what you / I will do….?

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