Divorce! Part 7 Of 7

Common Sense With A Spiritual Aspect On Divorce! Part 7 Of 7

Welcome back to all my followers that have taken time out to hopefully learn a few things that can help you in some way in the near future. We are going to finish off on how we interact with others when looking for a partner whilst on-line.

Dating sites can also give you some emotional issues depending on where you are in your own state of mind. Please don’t enter into it thinking that it’s all plain sailing.

It can be a lot easier if you are more in-tune with what’s going to happen, what to expect and how to deal with rejection as it will come in many forms, so be ready.

It’s like every thing else in life in-that you have to approach it with the right attitude. Internet dating is some thing you will probably want to do alone, in private and on your own, there for you will not have the moral support you would normally have if you were out with your mates or in the company of others. I

f some one upsets you when you’re out then you have instant support. But if you were to experience a rude mail message, get insulted, be ignored or just not taken seriously then it’s actually more hurtful and emotional when you’re on-line because of the isolation of sitting behind your computer screen all alone.

Having said all that it can also be a great place to be and many do meet their ideal partners on-line but it’s as if you have to learn new rules of conduct and the code of acceptance in others because not every one is polite or considerate of other people’s feelings as I have mentioned previously.

Just like in life (not all) but a lot of people are mostly selfish in their own pursuit of what it is they want and desire because they don’t consider others as if they were dealing with them selves, the spiritual aspect of common decency, respect and love of fellow humans gets forgotten.

Unless you have a common sense approach with a spiritual aspect then these people who I have just spoken about will keep you afraid, you may feel as if they are trying to push you down in order to elevate themselves.

Do not let this happen at all, on or off-line, remember who you are as an individual.

Never think bad of yourself and most definitely never consider that you will always be alone. It’s not true, you will meet your ideal partner one way or another, and you just have to be able to recognise them when they arrive. Do you truly know what your ideal person will be like? How should they look? How will they react in public?

How will they behave in private? What values should they have? Will they fit in around yours? Will you fit in around theirs? You have to know all these questions so that when your partner does show up that you will recognise them.

The clearer the picture you have in your heart and thoughts the quicker they will show up in your life. Make sure you understand exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Other wise you will just drift to and from with out knowing who is actually passing you by. What did you learn about yourself from your last relationship? Have you changed any negatives into positives’? Can you be more giving?

Are you willing to put more in to the relationship than you will want to take out? These are all so very relevant and important questions that I strongly suggest you give some thought.

Finally always put up a picture of yourself and make it very recent, do not try to fool others or yourself that you are ten years younger by putting up false pictures. The same goes for your profile don’t put stuff in there that you don’t really mean. It’s pointless to write what you don’t mean.

Don’t imagine what it is you think they will want to read or hear. Be yourself and you will attract a person that likes you for who you actually are. If you fall into the trap of being some one you’re not then you will both be disappointed and it will never go anywhere. So just be honest and just be you!

All that I write about on the dating side of things are a great way to enjoy your surfing on-line when looking for a partner. Again it will boil down to your V/Bs (Values & Beliefs) The rest of your life can be as good or as bad as your own V/Bs. Change your thoughts and you change your life! I do hope you have enjoyed these last 7 posts as much as I have.

If I have helped you in any sort of way then it would be a great inspiration for me to hear this from you. I am always available for help and you can always find me at my website. Have fun be happy and always help others when you can.

All my love……………Brian.

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Hi, my name is Brian, I am a Life Coach / Personal Coach but I am also a very straight forward talking person that shares more in common with you than you will initially believe. Why and how can I say this? Because we are all basically the very same. We are all in search of the best life possible and we all need the very same basics such as happiness, love, health, and enough money to get bye with. When any of these things I mention above are scarce or in short supply then it will affect us in a dramatic way. So not only as a Coach but as an individual with foresight I will on occasions display a different take on things based upon reality as we see it and more importantly how we can choose to perceive it. As an individual I think out side the box and would encourage you to do the same as and when it might be necessary. The very fact that you are here means that you were meant to arrive here at precisely this moment in time as I believe in synchronicity and I do not believe in coincidences only things that actually “co-in side” which in mathematical terms means to fit together perfectly. But if you have already been here before then I must be doing something right. I am a very down to earth person that has learnt many many things from hardships and also from joy in my life as I am sure you have too. Get involved with me and I shall show you many things that will at very least get you to question or challenge many things that until now you either took for granted or never even thought possible. Whether you are religious or not does matter because for me it’s not important as long as you are happy with your own values and beliefs then that’s all that matters. If however you are not sure about your happiness or any other issues in your life then just keep an open mind and see how things can change. I am inviting you to go on a journey and for such a journey you will need some basic tools. A compass, a map and some survival essentials. These items are metaphoric of course, and represent the following: Your compass has to be your intuition and self belief, your map will be your actual goal or desire and you must understand where you are at this particular point in your life right now, other wise how will you know which direction to follow if you do not even have a starting point on your “life map” your survival essentials are going to be tools you require to help you survive and prosper through your journey, and these will be “coaching tools” that I can supply when required. I suppose it’s all going to be a matter of how much you desire your needs How important is it for you to get to where it is you wanted to go in your life? What will happen to you if you do not get what it is you are after? Can you truly allow your life to slip by with out reaching your target? All I know is that many people give up on there life’s desires and dreams just because they have tried a few times and then decided that its either too much like hard work and chosen to believe it just not going to happen.....WRONG! The truth is yes they have tried but they have not had the right guidance, tools or coaching to help them…that’s it! That’s the only reason! If you try to get there alone it will be a long and troubled journey. But if you have some one that’s been there before then they can give a wealth of information that will fast track you there before you loose interest or the will to achieve. A coach will make you accountable and support you every time you feel yourself going off track. My blog will be a free helpful tool that at very least will give you a few different ideas about many different things….So Enjoy! http://www.bjacoaching.co.uk/3.html
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